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Mediation Costs

Wellman Mediation strives to offer our clients the most cost effective option in the area for alternative dispute resolution. If you are a new client we require clients to pre-pay for their first session before we schedule an appointment. The pre-payment amount is $400.00 (divided equally between all mediating parties, unless the court orders differently). This cost is for the initial 2 hour session as well as our document fee to cover all documents gathered and developed throughout the course of your mediation. All subsequent appointments are billed at a rate of $150.00 per hour (in 15 minute increments) divided equally between all mediating parties at the time of the appointment unless the court orders differently.  


Wellman Mediation can also calculate Child Support for clients should they desire to utilize this option through our office. Often clients representing themselves need someone to calculate their Child Support Calculations or clients with attorneys desire an entirely neutral party to determine these calculations. We offer these services to any clients that agree to allow our office to compute these calculations. We charge $40.00 for the calculation.

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